My Story: “It Was like My Metabolism Gave Up”

People have all sorts of reasons (or excuses) as to why they can’t get their body in shape like:
– I’m too old
– I have kids and don’t have time
– I have a slow metabolism
– I have health issues/My body hurts

Even if those things were true statements, they still boil down to excuses. That’s why we were so impressed about Robins “Rob” Dorvil, who goes by “Dmotiv8or” on social media.

Dorvil, like many of us, struggled with his weight growing up and just when he thought he was doing okay, something in life happened. For Dorvil, it was the birth of his son and the pressure of a job that demanded him sitting at a desk most of the day. But just like the old saying goes, “shoot for the moon, even if you don’t hit it, you’ll be amongst the stars,” Dorvil took the opportunity to do something out of the box and signed up for a contest that changed his life. Here’s his story in his own words below:

“I struggled with my weight as a kid. I was made fun of and my self-esteem was at an all-time low,” says Dorvil to “At age 14, I hit puberty, the weight came off, and I was able to maintain 15 percent body fat.”

“Things changed after my son was born when I was a 21-year-old. I felt like I was pregnant because I grew heavier each month. Shopping became harder and expensive because I constantly bought new clothes. It’s like my metabolism gave up.”

“It got even worse when I worked 16-hour days at a desk job, barely exercised, and ate two heavy meals per day.”

“As my son grew older, I noticed he had the same problem I did with his weight and I could tell he wasn’t happy. I needed to set an example and be a role model for him because I didn’t want him to deal with the issues I faced. I wanted to inspire others too.”

“I was always surrounded by friends in great shape who gave me advice, but I thought it would take too long and constantly looked for a shortcut. I tried every fad diet, which was a waste because the weight came back on and more.”

“A friend said I made it harder than it should be. She told me to K.I.S.S., or “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” I gave in…