94-Year-Old Doctor’s Secret To Long Life: “You Have To Give”

“You really have to give to have a good experience. You have to not be judgmental. Accept them. They’re all God’s children. I think that’s what I’ve practiced.”

Even with all the longevity and good he sees, the good doctor has also seen some dark days. His beloved wife, Evelyn, died last year.

“Without her, I would have been an old, bitter bird. My wife really helped me a lot and inspired me a lot. It’s just sad that’s she’s not here now to see me.”

One of his sons, who worked in the office, also died in February of this year.

“I’m still soldiering on but I miss them,” he says, adding, “I have my practice and that’s soothing to whatever feelings I have when I think of them. That’s what they would want me to do anyway.”

And so he does. Keep going Dr. Hutchinson. We love you!

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