Doin Too Much! 4 Ways Over Exercising Is Sabotaging Your Health Goals

African American woman exercise outsideMade a new year’s resolution to get it right, get it tight? Exhausting yourself in the gym and not getting the results you expected? Here’s how performing challenging (daily) workout regimens without appropriate rest and recovery are sabotaging your health goals.

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1. You’re doing the same thing too much.

If you’re able to breeze through your workout with a smile on your face, chances are, you’re not pushing yourself. While you may be thinking, “well how is slacking sabotaging my fitness goals?” Fact of the matter is, lazily hitting the gym doesn’t reap any rewards. In fact, you may find yourself frequenting the gym 5, 6, or 7 days of the week, which is entirely too much. This is called overtraining – which occurs when there’s an imbalance between how often and how intensely you exercise in comparison to how much time you allow for recovery.

2. You’re doing what’s trendy.

There comes a time when following the crowd and mimicking what they do to reach your fitness goals can actually be troublesome. While popular trainers (on social media) often share great video clips, recipes and inspiration, what a lot of people miss here, is that what works for one may not work for another.

Stop following the crowd. Get familiar with your body so that you can identify what works for YOU, may it be a specific diet plan, workout regimen or both. Unsure where to begin? Get with a doctor, or even a trainer who can educate you on your body type, composition, problem areas and ways to address them, based on your sex, age, height and underlying health issues.