Dr. Jackie Walters: Savvy and Sexy At 55!

… and you start all over again, so you know painful, a little bit self-blaming and it’s – that’s just totally unexplainable – why you can’t have a baby. And some ladies just have unexplained infertility.”

With the limelight and notoriety she has now, many would think Dr. Jackie comes from a long line of family in medicine. But to the contrary, the award-winning doctor came from humble beginnings.

“I came from a small town in Mississippi and of course I grew up in the area where the moms really didn’t talk much about medicine,” explains Dr. Jackie to NBC. “Like I would say ‘vagina’ and your momma really didn’t say that. And so I knew growing up that there was more to it than they were giving me and I kept saying one day when I grow up, I’m going to just come back and serve right here in small-town Mississippi.

“Now, little did I know that would change, really fast once I got out of small-town Mississippi. So, it was more about women’s health, because nobody would talk to us. We weren’t taught the terminology. We didn’t have an understanding. It was like, you know, get your period, that’s the way it is and you’re done.”

To stay fit, she has three step process she details on her blog:

Step One: Get Your Heart Pumping

“Most of the women who experience coregasms start their workout with 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, usually on the elliptical or the treadmill,” says Herbenick. But that doesn’t mean you should just hop on and walk it out for a half hour, she says. “We’ve never seen a case of coregasms happening with little to no effort, she says. “It typically occurs after a person has reached what feels like muscular fatigue,” says Herbenick.

Step Two: Work Those Lower Abs

After cardio, Herbenick says to dive right into an intense abs workout without taking a break. That’s because previous research suggests that cardio activates the sympathetic nervous system, which could make you aroused and likely to coregasm, she says. To engage the muscles at the bottom of your core, try an exercise like crunches, hanging leg raises, or leg lifts, says Herbenick. In her research, these moves were frequently mentioned as triggering an orgasm during exercise, though more research needs to be done to explain why, she says. Keep up the movement even as you start to get tired, says Herbenick.

Step Three: Bring On the Coregasm

When you start to notice some arousal, which usually comes after you reach the point of quivering muscles or like you’re close to not being able to perform the move anymore, keep up the movement as long as you can, says Herbenick. Then, be open to the orgasm, she says. “Once it feels like it’s coming on, you should relax and be receptive to feeling the orgasm without stopping the abs exercise,” she says.