Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams’ Steps To Finding The Perfect Neurologist (Video)

The best way to find a neurologist is certainly a recommendation from a person’s primary care physician. So oftentimes your primary care physician will have a good relationship with people in the area and know a good neurologist to refer to. If you’re looking specifically for an MS specialist, the MS Society actually has a directory of centers of excellence for Multiple Sclerosis. So you can go to their website, plug in your zip code, and it will give you a list of MS centers that are closest to you.

And oftentimes a person will have a local neurologist and an MS specialist. So I may have many patients that will come and see me once or twice a year and then they’ll have a local neurologist, especially if they live an hour or more away, who will handle some of those issues if they’re having a relapse or need hospitalization or need other things very quickly. We partnered together to make sure that we’re taken care of that person’s MS, holistically.