Drink Your Water From A Martini Glass

As warm weather approaches, many of us are focusing more intently on our health and work out routines. Summer is coming! I know I’m making a real effort to eat right and work out consistently. Also, drinking more water is key.

I’ve found that finding an attractive vessel for my water helps me drink more. I have a bright turquoise thermal water bottle I take with me everywhere. The color is one I can’t miss in my tote bag, and it feels fashionable when I pull it out to take some sips.

But I tried something new recently, when I wanted a cocktail at home. Instead of going for it, getting out the gin, vermouth and olives for a tempting Gin Martini, I poured filtered water into a martini glass, added a lime wedge and started sipping.

Guess what? It felt great, and I didn’t miss the real martini at all. The fancy glass changed