Easy Things You Can Do TODAY That Protect Your Breast Health

If you had the opportunity to make a difference in your health in 5 minutes, would you take it? Would you devote 2% of your day (30 minutes) to prolonging your life? When framed this way, incremental changes we can make to be proactive don’t seem so hard. Still, living a “healthy lifestyle” is often not as prescriptive as we’d wish.

Most Black women are aware of breast cancer as a prevalent chronic illness. What you may not know is that our community faces significant breast cancer mortality disparities when compared to the rest of the population. There are many factors contributing to why these disparities exist. Factors in our control include our ability to stay educated about what influences our breast cancer risk and taking small actions to reduce risk or detect breast cancer early.

It can be tempting to think that breast cancer won’t happen to you. By having an understanding of your risk and then taking action to reduce it, you can begin to advocate for yourself and feel more in control of your health future.

5 Minutes to Understand Risk
There are many factors that influence personal risk of breast cancer, including family health history, personal health history, and lifestyle. There are also many myths about what might impact your risk, like deodorant and aspartame. Here is the bright news: there is a