Easy Ways to Add Vegan Protein to Your Daily Meals

As a plant-based eater, I enjoy coming across new recipes to cook and new ingredients to try. Thankfully, after maintaining this lifestyle for a little over a year, I find it easier to learn how to not only recreate plant-based meals but, to also continue to get protein and vitamins through real food.

However, it wasn’t always like this.

When I made my first attempt at starting a plant-based/vegan diet after being vegetarian for a few months, I was completely lost. To be fair, I didn’t put much forth in an effort to do any research and decided to just do it. I was so concerned with what I couldn’t eat that I didn’t focus on what I actually could eat.

As a result, I was hungry all the time, moody and eventually returned back to a vegetarian diet – but not for long. The second time around, I did my research and have found what works and doesn’t work for me and so far so good. When it comes to getting in my protein after my gym workouts, I’ve noticed I’m depending less on vegan protein powders and bars and more on actual food.

The good news is it that it’s actually pretty easy throughout the day to get a good amount of protein into my system by opting for these easy real-food sources. And don’t worry, there are some