Editor’s Picks: Hydrate Your Body, Skin, and Hair With These Must Haves!

The winter is upon us and that usually means dry skin, brittle hair, and shifting routines to re-hydrate. It’s honestly my least favorite time of year as it pertains to my beauty routines, but thanks to these products my winter will be a bit more hydrated–and yours can be too!

1. ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher

REAL hydration starts from within. I know we hear it so much that it sounds too simple to be true, but getting at least 8, 8oz, glasses of water in each day will work wonders on your overall health, skin, hair, and nails. ZeroWater is a staple in my house because it removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids and tastes amazing! I’m a huge water advocate so I’m picky about how mine tastes–Zerowater is literally the best I’ve had.


2. Vaseline® All-Over Body Balm Jelly Stick

Vaseline’s All-Over Body Balm Jelly Stick HAD to be on my list for this season. Its portable no mess design was the first thing to sell me, but its lightweight moisturizing powers are what kept me. I use the roll on all over my body and then follow through by rubbing it in with my hands. The jelly stick is scentless and hypoallergenic and is NOT sticky. Perfect for all skin types to keep in the house or take on the go.


3. My Israel’s Miracle Revitalizing Hair Mask

My Israel’s Miracle is a new brand from the founder of Dr. Miracles and African Pride. All of the products in the line feature 7 Organic Israeli Herbs, Israeli Argan Oil & Powerful Healing Water from the Ein Gedi. These products leave your hair feeling luscious and super soft. My fave from the line is the revitalizing hair mask because it brings an end to dryness and breakage while adding intense hydration. It keeps my hair gorgeous, soft, shiny, and healthy all while promoting even more growth!

4. Hydy Water Bottle

I told you I’m REALLY passionate about water consumption guys! The Hydy Water bottle is a dope option for those of us that enjoy infused water. That’s right, you can create your own naturally flavored fruit infused water, juice, iced tea, or lemonade in your personal bottle. This gives you a healthy and less expensive alternative to juice and gets your hydration going for the day. The Hydy has fashion bottle design with ergonomic handle, allowing you to carry it easily both outdoors or indoors and is eco-friendly.



Bryana Holcomb is the Editor of BlackDoctor.org and graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Women’s Studies, an MBA in Management Strategy, and Life Coaching and Nutrition certifications. Connect with Bryana on Instagram, @BryDelicia.