Egg Freezing: The Facts

African American woman thoughtful seriousThe technology surrounding family planning gets more and more advanced by the year. Oöcyte cryopreservation, otherwise known as egg freezing, is quickly becoming one of the most common family planning procedures women are considering these days. Whether it be because they want to maximize their chance at a healthy baby, giving themselves more time to put their career first, or they simply just want to have some in storage for when they meet the perfect father, women are taking more control of their reproductive options. According to a study curated by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine 85 percent of egg freezing procedures were elective, and has increased by 700 percent since since 2009.  Women as young as 27 have begun to consider this option. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine refers to this as “social egg freezing,” where young women are exercising their options to have somewhat an insurance policy to a diminishing fertility situation down the road. Here are some things to consider: