Emmanuel Lewis: More Than Meets The Eye


II. Exercise
Taekwondo provides all-around exercise benefits, from stretching to aerobic moves. Regardless of your current physical fitness level, beginners in taekwondo learn basic moves that gradually strengthen and tone the body, increase flexibility and stamina and improve endurance. Each pattern in taekwondo builds on the basics of the pattern before it, gradually offering the student increasing mental and physical challenges. Muscle toning and strengthening, joint range of motion, balance and endurance improve as you perfect your taekwondo skills and aptitude. As your exercise levels and skills progress, you have more energy, strength, coordination and endurance.

In the mid-1990s, Lewis was an active performer on the Tokyo Broadcasting Network, and in 1998, he toured with a stand-up comedy act, in the United States and Canada.

Lewis continues to practice family morals and values, turning down offers to play an urban gang member.

Expanding his talents as an entrepreneur, Lewis, at one point owned a limousine company and a car wash service.

In June of 2000, Lewis created a state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar recording studio on his 12-acre Georgian estate giving rise to his record label, Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment. Lewis works with up and coming groups and solo talent.