Essential Skin Care Survival Tips from Dr. Brooke Jackson

Want that rich, glowing skin through all seasons of the year? Dermatologist for over 20 years, Dr. Brooke Jackson shows you how:

Keep hydrated: Our bodies are made up of 70% water and hydration is vital to our overall health. Due to decreased thirst drive in the winter months, most people have a level of dehydration, but our bodies rely on hydration for maintenance of our skin barrier which protects us from the outside world (pollution, illness). A compromised skin barrier function can make our skin itchy, dry and prone to infection. Make sure you keep up your fluid intake throughout the day – this can be in the form of hot tea, water or seltzer. Your skin will thank you for it!

Banish itchy skin: There is nothing worse than itchy skin under a heavy sweater! Avoid scratchy fabrics next to skin such as wool, by wearing cotton or silk t-shirts under sweaters and a silk scarf under your winter coat next to your neck. Once the heat goes on in the house, everything dries out – be sure to increase the humidity gauge on your furnace or place a humidifier in your bedroom.

Lastly, make sure to moisturize several times a day with a jar lotion vs. a pump bottle, pump and pour bottles have a higher water content and PH base that can dry out skin. A perfect and affordable solution is Vaseline® Intensive Care® Cocoa Radiant® Smoothing Body Butter which contains 100% pure cocoa and shea butter – this rich, fast-absorbing formula also contains the highest amount of Petroleum Jelly, Glycerin, and emollients for luminous, hydrated skin.

Key seasonal ingredients: Maintain a well-balanced diet! Omega-3 rich foods help with dry skin and hair. Eat foods rich in Omega-3s (oily fish, flax, chia, nuts) for heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory benefits. Enjoy salmon 2x per week, add some flax to your oatmeal on a cold morning and snack on some nuts in the afternoon.

Don’t forget hands and feet: We wash our hands much more during the winter to avoid catching the flu, but