Busy Father Trades Fast Food For Quick Weight Loss: “I’ve Never Had Results Happen So Fast”

After: Essex O’Brien/Photo: Nutrisystem

… the program provided real food that was easy to take on the road—which made it easy to resist fast food.

“I’m always on the go and the temptation of fast food needed to be eliminated,” Essex says. “Just heat up the food and go.”

Aside from the convenience and taste of the food, Essex was certain he made the right choice by choosing Nutrisystem when he started to feel the difference the program was making.

“I felt lighter on my feet,” he says. “I could feel the progress almost daily.”

Having an easy step-by-step guide to get him started, access to advice from Nutrisystem weight loss experts along the way and perfectly portioned meals all made it easy for Essex to follow the program and start seeing results quickly.

“I’ve never had results happen so fast,” he says. “When the inches started coming off my waist I really enjoyed using other loops on my belt!”

With results that seemed too good to be true, Essex was relieved to be making progress toward achieving his weight loss goal. But it wasn’t enough for Essex just to get healthy… he knew the importance of staying healthy, too.

What helped him stay the course was being able to enjoy food that not only tasted good, but was nutritionally balanced, too.

Some of his favorite foods included meatloaf and mashed potatoes, hearty beef stew, pancakes, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. Because he stuck to his guns and stayed on the program, Essex lost 43 pounds*.

After: Essex O’Brien/Photo: Nutrisystem

He still remembers the man who was standing on a scale in a doctor’s office, scared for his health and longevity. Now, he is a new man with a new life.

“I love how my body feels,” he says. “My back feels better and I’m able to be more active now. I can now move around more and enjoy being outdoors with my son.”

That one moment of realization, a decision to take action and self-determination transformed Essex O’Brien’s life.

Nutrisystem could do the same for you.

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*Real Success story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.


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