Exfoliation Doesn’t Stop At Your Face

black beauty with beautiful skinPress the reset button on your skin for a warmer, brighter complexion following a long, sluggish winter. To gather the best skincare tips ahead of summer, BlackDoctor.org recently chopped it up with cosmetics mogul Vera Moore and her daughter, Consuella Helms, a licensed esthetician and National Training Director of Vera Moore Cosmetics, who broke down the importance of exfoliation and finding the right skincare regimen for YOU. Whether your skin is dry, combination or acne prone their advice will get your skin glowing.

“Remember how our mothers used to turn the house upside down doing spring cleaning? I do. It was a ritual.  Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Exfoliation is spring cleaning for the skin!,” said Helms.

She explained, “Exfoliating removes the built-up debris that only can be removed by sloughing off dry dead cells from the skin. Cleansing [and] toning alone won’t do it. This exfoliating process is the best way to detox skin after winter.  The winter season leaves skin not only dry from the weather, but the heat inside your home makes the skin dry, itchy and dull. If you want that fresh glow for the spring exfoliation is a must not a luxury.”