Exploring Period Panties As A Menstruation Alternative

Originally appears on the She Thinx Blog and Dr. Renee is offering our BDO readers $10 off of their orders of THINX period panties through this link. 

I was 12 years old when I had my first period. I was not excited about it at all. I remember sitting thru sex education and learning about menstrual cycles and being in complete disbelief that the women in my life bled once a month. Well now was my turn. I had horrible cramps during my cycles and had to take Tylenol daily for the 5 days of my cycle. My asthma medication caused me to have clots so every month I would feel like I was giving birth at least one of the 5 days while the clot was passing.

My mom was great because she had prepared me so I knew where the sanitary napkins were when I saw the blood I was in shock but I quickly figured out I was really a BIG GIRL NOW!! My mother did not allow my sister and me to use tampons. I think she was worried about Toxic Shock Syndrome. I was usually the only Black girl in my class, most of the girls I went to school with used tampons and I always felt like I was wearing a diaper with sanitary napkins. I heard about other kids have celebrations when they got their first cycle. We didn’t do anything celebratory. I don’t remember ever really talking about it too much.

Five days a month I wished I wasn’t a girl because it came every month like clockwork. I was horrible about recording my cycle so it was usually a surprise when it came. I didn’t have any concept of it usually comes this date or late in the month. I never kept track like you are supposed to.

Fast forward at 42 years young I have an app on my phone that keeps track of my cycle and every month I am very excited to receive my period since I am 42 and I still want to have babies. I also figured out how to decrease the pain take the pain meds a few days prior (I call it pregaming).

Several years ago I learned about the cup and decided that did not work for me. I still wasn’t big on tampons unless I was going swimming. The idea of sticking something inside of me just didn’t sit well with me. A few years ago I learned about THINX period panties and I wasn’t convinced they were for me either. I bought one pair and tried them and I LOVED THEM!! I don’t feel like I have on a diaper. Since I have been able to minimize my cramps with my Thinx panties I don’t even think about my period. I am no longer ruining my clothes or underwear.

When I parent my future daughters I will teach them the way my mom taught me because she did a great job preparing us for becoming women. I will encourage them to use Thinx since they are so much easier to get used to than sanitary napkins and tampons.

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