Extreme Weight Loss Contestant Dances Into Body Positivity!

…figure out what was causing her to gain weight. But it all became too much for Brandi. She told her mother she couldn’t take it anymore and the pageants stopped.

As years progressed, so did the weight. Brandi said she realized she was her worst enemy and decided she had had enough.
“At the end of the day, I want to live a long, full and healthy life. So I said, ‘Let me just try,’” Brandi said.
During her “Extreme Weight Loss” episode, Brandi quickly showed that she was in it to win it. She even competed in and completed a Half Ironman Triathlon. Brandi said it was her Sunday fun-day’s, where she was allowed to eat whatever she wanted, that helped her get through all those years of unhealthy living.

“I mentally told myself, ‘If I can get through the week eating this bland food, I have my Sundays to look forward to. If I can go extra hard in the workouts, I have my day of rest to look forward to. That’s what held my integrity out the week, to not sneak,’” Brandi said.

During her ups and downs of the show, Brandi finished strong and successfully lost 151 pounds.
She is still working out and invites friends to workout with her twice a month. She now has the tools and knowledge for a healthier life and want to share it with others.
“This is the beginning… A day that I will remember for the rest of my life,” Brandi said. “It was the day God along side Chris Powell and my own ability to WORK, decided to chose me for the transformation of a lifetime and together we pressed: RESET!”

“There was a time when, I was completely ashamed of the person standing on that scale almost 6 months ago…I’ve come so far and feel so great, that I hope to inspire those I’m connected with, to do the same. Your transformation could be totally different from mine, but whatever it may be its never too late to start.”