Fashion Guru Creates Hot Styles For People With Disabilities

Although the disability community seems to be steadily growing in numbers, adaptive clothing is not readily available for them in most clothing stores. That’s where Stephanie Thomas comes in.

To help the disability community stay fashionable and to feel good about themselves, Stephanie developed a simple, yet effective three-point Disability Styling System. “I just needed to know that I could provide a tool where people with disability would have the ability to dress with dignity, style and self-reliance,” she said in her TEDx Talk.

Stephanie is a Disability Fashion Styling expert, tastemaker and keynote speaker who has spent the last 26 years researching and styling clothing and retail trends exclusively for people with disabilities. But as a congenital amputee herself, she’s basically been a disability fashion stylist all her life.

She was born with one thumb on one hand. Three toes on one foot and four on the other foot. To put it simply, she was classified as a person with a “non-severe disability.”

“When it comes to dressing with disabilities, ‘I get it’ personally and professionally. I was born an amputee missing digits on my right hand and feet and I’ve spent 26 years researching clothing and retail trends for people with disabilities. I’m uniquely qualified to do this work and I love it!”

Stephanie’s personal and professional experience enables her to bring a fresh, inclusive approach to fashion styling. Guided by her Disability Fashion Styling System™, today she’s:
• the go-to stylist in Hollywood for actors and influencers with disabilities.
• the trusted stylist for brands interested in engaging fashion customers with disabilities.
• the author/editor of the anthology, Fitting In: The Social Implications of Fashion and Dressing with Disabilities

Her commitment to using fashion as a tool to challenge negative perceptions and to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities goes beyond her personal work. She also serves on the Advisory Counsel for Zappos Adaptive and the Board of Directors of No Limits Media.

Stephanie’s company, Cur8Able, is light years ahead of the fashion industry to when it comes to styling for those with disabilities and her talent shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some of the incredible looks and styles she’s put together over the years: