F.a.T Gurl Fitness: An Inspiration to Us All

(Photo credit: @f.a.tgurlfitness instagram)

“Anybody ever look in the mirror and wonder…HOW DID I GET HERE???”

That’s a question that Jamie, aka “F.a.T Gurl Fitness” on Instagram asked herself. Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch by asking, “why does she call herself fat?” Well, the “F.a.T” in F.a.Tgurlfitness stands for “Focused and Transforming.” Experts will tell you that in order to transform anyone’s body–especially your own–you need to be focused, and Jamie has done just that. But it wasn’t without a battle. A battle started in the mind.

“I spent a year wallowing in my mess and gaining weight,” explains Jamie on her Instagram post. “And when I found myself at almost 270 pounds standing only 5’2 I knew I had to make a change. I made up my mind that I was no longer going to live unhealthily and knew that I needed a true lifestyle change and not another fad diet!”