Fit With Curves: Change Your Mindset And Accomplish Anything

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If you’re a curvy woman, there’s a number of questions you have to answer like: how much working out is too much? Will I lose my curves if I concentrate on one area? Will my body shape change when I start working out?  Well, it seems as though one woman has mastered the answer to all these questions and more. sat down with Tatiana Scott, owner of Fit With Curves Fitness.  Where she specializes in helping women and men get fit, but still keep the curves.

What prompted you to get into fitness?
I have always had a love for fitness and nutrition since I was a young girl I remember going in the living room and turning on my mom’s VCR and working out to her abs of steel tapes and other exercise videos. Type 2 Diabetes runs on both sides of family and affects multiple generations, so I have always known that to prevent from ever having it that I was going to have to live a healthy lifestyle.

Why the name “Fit with Curves”? I love my curves and after trying so hard to lose them when I competed in my first fitness competition in 2012 I realized that they were not going anywhere. So many women are scared to lose weight because they think they are going to lose their curves and I am here to tell them that they can be fit with curves.

(Photo credit: @fitwithcurves instagram)

Name one of biggest health/fitness setback that you overcame?
I don’t consider any situation a set back, I think it’s all about the way you look at certain situations. Everything is a learning experience for me and my biggest learning experience in the health and fitness industry would have to be my first fitness competition. I learned so much about myself and how much self-control I had. I realized that when you change your mindset and give something your all; you can accomplish anything.

What is the first step for someone who is trying to be fit like you?
The first step is to start. Many individuals like the idea of working out, but never get started. I like to call it plan, prepare, and execute. Create a plan, set days and times that you are going to workout, plan and prepare your meals and lastly execute the plan. It works every time and it is challenging to reach any goal without a plan in place.

What is your most problem area on your body and how do you work it out?
I am a pear shape and I am a Endomorph which means that not only do I gain majority of my weight in my lower body, but I also gain fat fast and lose it slow. I have to work extra hard to maintain my weight and even harder to lose weight. I do a minimum of 5 hours of cardio a week, such as running and the arc trainer. I also lift heavy, less reps and more sets on my upper body. On my lower body I work on lots of reps and less sets to prevent my legs from getting bigger than they are.
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What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

My cheat meals, which are few and far between are desserts. I love sweets, but I have also learned my body. I’m not the type of person who…