5 Fitness Apparel Brands To Support

When the gym calls, it doesn’t require us to wear our Sunday’s Best. It’s definitely a come as you are situation, however, most of us can agree that it just feels better to have cute fitness apparel. It’s almost like “dressing for success”, but here success means sweating your curls out of hiding and soreness for two days.

Wearing great fitness apparel makes you look amazing, but it also makes you feel amazing and in turn, can have positive effects on the way you approach your workouts. Our clothing affects our behavior and attitudes, sparking confidence and joy and resulting in better performance.

Now that that’s been established. It would be nice to have some fitness apparel brands that don’t demand an arm, leg and first born as payment.

Right now, larger companies are at the forefront of athleisure and apparel, companies like Lululemon and AloYoga. They deliver in quality, but man are they expensive! They’re also not very inclusive.

I basically live in workout clothes so I’m always looking for