15 Foods That Fight The Common Cold

A woman in pajamas blowing her noseBetween folklore, family recipes and science, differentiating myth from fact among cold and flu remedies has become difficult. While there’s no natural miracle cure, the below foods may be able to help you and your family on your way to recovery.

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What are the best foods to help you fight your cold and feel better sooner?

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Bell Peppers

A green and a red bell pepper submerged in water

Though you might not have much luck getting your children to chow down on sliced peppers, it might be a more effective choice than the traditional orange slice. Bell peppers are higher in vitamin C and are water-rich, which will help prevent dehydration.


Water is the ultimate tool for hydration, and you simply won’t recover from a cold or the flu if you can’t keep your body hydrated. Make sure to drink enough water and avoid beverages that dehydrate your body instead, such as coffee.

Sweet Potatoes

One whole and one sliced sweet potato

Sweet potatoes might be a surprising superfood, but they are a healthy option for cold and flu fighting, nonetheless. Sweet potatoes are one of the best veggies on the block when it comes to nutritional value, boasting potassium, vitamins A and C, and calcium, all helpful in staying healthy and fighting off cold and flu symptoms.



A dish of nuts at your side may help you ward off your symptoms and boost your body’s immunity. But not just any nuts will do. Opt for Brazil nuts, which contain the antioxidant selenium, or almonds, which have plenty of vitamin E.


Garlic has become another popular superfood for fighting the flu. Due to component allicin, garlic is known for its ability to help prevent the spread of flu and other infections.