6 Foods To Avoid As You Get Older

A half of a grapefruit with a spoonWatching what you eat is important. When it comes to foods to avoid, seniors learn more and more the older they get about foods they can and can’t tolerate. Healthy dieting can add years to your life, but more importantly, it can make those years that much better, that much more enjoyable.

Here are 6 foods that most seniors may want to avoid unless otherwise instructed by their physician.


Some people avoid beans because of the gas and stomach pain they can cause. But if you’ve banned beans from your diet, you may want to reconsider. An excellent source of fiber, beans are also high in protein and iron and low in fat. The trick is to add beans to your diet slowly. Start by having a small serving a few times a week. Or try using a digestive enzyme that’s sold over the counter to reduce gas.