Foods To Avoid With Multiple Sclerosis


baked breads

A healthier diet could do wonders for your body while living with multiple sclerosis (MS). This is important for African Americans, who are more likely to suffer more relapses, and more disabilities because of MS

Diets including fresh fruits, low-fat protein, low-fat dairy and vegetables can result in fewer relapses. In fact, experts say, a poor diet can actually increase the activity of the disease affecting your body.

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Here is a list of foods to avoid if you have MS:

Saturated Fats

You can find saturated fats in red meats, full-fat dairy products like whole milk, and any other animal-based foods. Though saturated fats don’t directly affect MS, it is known to raise your bad cholesterol level, of LDL. A high cholesterol level can increase your chances of heart attack and stroke. According to a 2013 study in the journal Multiple Sclerosis, MS patients – especially women – are at higher risk of heart disease and heart flutter.

Trans Fats

Anything soaked in hydrogenated oils or shortening, leave it on the shelf, according to Amy Jamieson-Petonic, RD, director of wellness coaching at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Ohio. These foods include baked cookies, pies and crackers.