Q&A: What Are The Best Foods To Eat During Menopause?

green beansQ: What are the best foods to eat during menopause? – N. Lewis


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A: Your diet is a great place to start for managing and relieving the symptoms of menopause.


Phytoestrogens occur naturally in some plants and mimic the female hormone estrogen.  Foods rich in phytoestrogrens are thought to help relieve menopausal symptoms by preventing inflammation. Foods containing phytoestrogens include:

  • Soybeans: Soybean is the richest source of phytoestrogens in the legume family, but soy products such as tofu and soy yogurt also increase estrogen.
  • Flaxseed: Flax has three times more phytoestrogens than soybeans.
  • Yams, green beans, winter squash, and sweet potatoes do not have nearly as much phytoestrogens as beans or seeds but they are good sources as well.


If possible, opt for fermented soy (like tempeh or miso) instead of processed soy (or eat in moderation).

Other foods that should be in your diet include daily intake of water, iron- and calcium-rich foods and foods high in fiber. Limit high-fat foods, sugar and salt intake, and alcohol consumption.


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