Top Foods For Stronger Teeth

dark chocolate

Oral hygiene is important, especially when the strength of the teeth is concerned.  Teeth are used to rip through meat, grind up grains and vegetation, and sometimes teeth are used to open up packaging and to bite through fingernails during suspenseful television shows.  With all of these strenuous responsibilities given to teeth, it is important to keep them strong and healthy to take on the daily task of processing the foods put into the body.  Certain foods are known to wear down enamel and cause damage that can sometimes be irreversible, but there are a few foods that can actually strengthen tooth enamel, even during adult years.  Take a look at some familiar (and some not so familiar) foods that are proven to strengthen tooth enamel.

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Whoever thought that a candy-like substance can actually be beneficial to teeth!  Herbal licorice (not the popular Twizzlers candy) has actually been proven to keep teeth strong.  It may taste horrible, but by rinsing a few times with a concoction made from the herb, the teeth are coated and protected from invaders that seek to erode the teeth.


This green plant is jam packed with magnesium, which is a nutrient needed for tooth enamel and bones to remain strong and healthy.  By eating a handful of spinach a day, the body is receiving the amount of magnesium it needs to keep the teeth nice and strong.  This leafy green veggie isn’t always a favorite because of its alkaline taste, but if sautéed in a pinch of butter and sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt, spinach is divine!



Cheese is beneficial to building tooth enamel because it contains high amounts of calcium, a nutrient that is vital to building strong teeth.  By eating a small amount of cheese daily, one can move towards healthier teeth and less tooth damage.  One study even reported that those who ate cheese regularly had 71 percent less damage to the enamel than non-cheese eaters.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has so many health benefits for the skin, libido and heart health so it’s no surprise that cocoa also has strengthening properties for teeth.  According to one study, an extract made from cocoa has been shown to be more effective at protecting teeth than fluoride.  The darker the chocolate the better it is for the teeth, so keep that in mind when choosing this sweet treat as an option for strengthening enamel.


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