These Foods Have More Potassium Than A Banana

no bananas

Instead of grabbing a banana before your next workout, you may want to consider an even better option. It’s true that bananas are a great source potassium, a key nutrient for building muscle strength, heart health and nerve function, but at 422 mg the typical medium-size banana falls shorts of these other five potassium-packed foods.


With an insane 839 mg of potassium per cup, you should be adding spinach to your diet every day!  You don’t have to just do salads, either. Spinach in a smoothie or on a juicy burger is just as delicious.


Whether you eat yogurt solo or use it as the base of a smoothie, a single 8 ounce serving has an estimated 579 mg of potassium.


Sweet potato

This superfood is packed with vitamins and a medium-sized baked sweet potato has 542 mg of potassium.

White beans

In the mood for chili? You should be – just a half cup of white beans has around 502 mg of potassium.


Avocados are loaded with the “good” fats your body needs. Next time you’re enjoying some delicious guacamole, remember that there’s 487 mg of potassium in just one half of an avocado. Eat up guilt-free!


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