#ForeverDuncan: Man’s Surprise Same-Day Proposal & Wedding Goes Viral [VIDEO]

foreverduncanOver the first weekend in October 2016, one couple’s same-day proposal and wedding surprise has gone viral. A man planned for literally months to surprise his then girlfriend with the proposal and wedding her dreams all in the SAME DAY and fans followed every step of the fantasy wedding with the hashtag #ForeverDuncan over the weekend.

Alfred Duncan surprised his then girlfriend Sherrell Woodward and she was beyond words. After getting engaged, Sherrell thought she was going to accompany her new fiance’ to go take engagement pictures, but when she arrived, all of her friends and family were there ready for her big day! That’s when the tears started flowing and she felt the love that was beyond words.

“Listen, I’m still trying to figure this all out. Who does this? You know what I mean?,” Sherrell said on “Good Morning America.”. “Now I’m looking at him like, ‘I got to get to know you all over again? I didn’t even know you had this in you.’