Kaleb “Baby Buns”: The 13oz Miracle

It’s been four years since Kaleb Arkell Graves, better known as “Baby Buns” got to go home and start life after a year of being in the hospital.

If you remember Kaleb is the child of Dana and Arkell Graves, the couple who’s pregnancy announcement went viral. Wife Dana put the video of her telling her husband online and immediately tears started flowing, and scores of people from all over the world were rooting for the beautiful couple.

Here’s the famous video again that has been viewed more than 10 million times:

Then when the world learned that Dana would go into labor some 16 weeks early, #TeamKaleb and the prayer warriors went to work and started praying until we saw pictures confirming that baby Kaleb was born.


Undergoing treatment and tests being a preemie, Kaleb and his family have been through a lot, which makes the day he came home even more sweet.

“It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s so surreal. It’s been a long time coming,” said Kaleb “Baby Buns’” mother, Dana Griffin-Graves tells ABC news affiliate WRIC.

On this special day, a special ride home. Kaleb strapped in his car seat for a limo ride home to Dinwiddie.

“It was really hard seeing this day in the beginning but I have these glasses on because I’ve been crying so much. Tears of joy. I just feel so blessed right now. Humbly blessed,” said Kaleb’s father Arkell Graves.

On their facebook page, the family went into greater detail of just how thankful they are.

We have to thank our Wonderful Neonatal Team at MCV/VCU Neonatal Medical staff for the care provided for our #BabyBuns. At this very moment, all of my men are asleep under the same roof. Some days I really didn’t think…