Gabby Douglas: Poised, Prepared and Positioned for Success!

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After an outstanding performance at the Rio 2016 Olympics, the U.S. Gymnastics team was seen on TV and social media making their rounds for their fans, but one person was noticeably absent: Gabby Douglas.

Starting businesses, making appearances and getting ready for the 2020 Olympics, Gabby has been busy. But right after the last Olympics, she revealed on Instagram that she was “out of the hospital & resting comfortably.”

The next day, Gabby gave a longer explanation for what had happened, posting an Instagram of her at the dentist’s office.

“Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I’m doing ok! I had a complication from a prior injury that caused a cyst to grow on a bone in my mouth. Got it removed and feeling much better now,” she captioned the picture. “Thanks for all your concerns and prayers and HUGE thank you to the doctors that have taken care of me these last four days!”

Gabby hospital

A mucous cyst, also known as a mucocele, is a fluid-filled swelling that occurs on the lip or the mouth. The cyst develops when the mouth’s salivary glands become plugged with mucus. Most cysts are on the lower lip, but they can occur anywhere inside your mouth like in Gabby’s case, on one of the bones.

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Mucous cysts are most commonly caused by trauma to the oral cavity, such as:

  • lip biting (most common cause)
  • cheek biting
  • piercings
  • accidental rupture of a salivary gland
  • adjacent teeth causing chronic damage

Mucous cysts are most common in people ages 10 to 25. However, these cysts can occur in people of all ages. They also happen equally in both females and males.

Though she’s feeling ten times better, Douglas hinted that there may be more oral surgery in her future. She closed her message with the hashtag “butIstillGottaGetTheseWisdomTeethOut.”

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We feel you Gabby! Pulling wisdom teeth is no fun!

Here’s to another great year, Gabby! We are proud of you! We see you!

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