Playmates: 4 Fun Games To Make Your Relationship More Exciting

relationship dice

Intimacy is a vital part of building close relationships with a romantic partner, however, getting better acquainted on a deep level doesn’t always have to involve physical intercourse, candlelight dinner or a romantic cruise for two.  Playing games is an excellent way to use a competitive spirit to ignite sexual energy. If a little fun is something that’s needed to bring excitement back into a relationship, these four games are wonderful options to use to get that spark back.

1. Adult Scavenger Hunt

Put little notes of sexy commands for your partner to do around the house in various places. Give your partner hints of where the notes are hiding in a text message thread and give him/her an allotted time to find the hints. If the notes aren’t found by a certain time there will be a penalty that your partner will have to pay at the end of the game. For instance, one note may be hiding in the kitchen cabinet near the spices and it may give a command to kiss your partner on the neck. The rules of the game are for you to decide. Just remember to make the clues erotic and sexy to encourage intimacy at the end of the game.

2. Halo Challenge

There is nothing more fun than playing a good old game of hide and seek, so increase the excitement of this form of scavenger hunt by adding toy NERF guns into the mix. Turn this game into a session of Halo or your own version of tag by hiding from each other in the house and seeking each other out as moving targets. The first one to get hit is at the mercy of the victor. Make plans for the loser to serve the winner dinner while naked or for the defeated to give a relaxing massage. Be creative about the prize to be won for this game.