Post-Gel Manicure Nail Repair

woman examining nail file

Fake nails, overlays and the latest gel no-flake polishes. These are all of the beauty nail addictions that many of us falter to. I mean let’s face it, whats better than a polish that doesn’t chip and nails that hardly break? The reality is though, after the shine is gone and the faux nails are off, you are left with a disaster needing some major TLC. Your peeling, thin and flimsy nails are crying for help!  Soothe your tips with the seven tips below:

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1. Buff it, baby 

First things first: If you want to take your journey back to happy healthy nail heaven, you need to break out the buffer! Removing gel and fake nails can often leave your nail bed uneven and peeling.  Gently buff your nails in order to get them all even. Buffing not only removes the peeling layers, it causes blood circulation which promotes new nail growth.

2. No polish 

Nail rehab requires you to cut out the nail decor entirely. It’s time to let your hands repair and heal themselves. This would be a great time to invest in a good nail straightener.

3. Keep them short 

Fragile long nails sound like a disaster waiting to happen. The last thing you need is for your frail nails to be snagged and torn. While going through recovery, it’s best if you keep your nails the length of your nail bed, with a slightly rounded shape.

4. Give those cuticles a break 

Step away from the cuticle clippers. I know, I know, who wants to see thick cuticle swallowing up their nails? Well, did you know that cuticles are what protect your nails that are growing underneath? If you can’t stand the sight of them being overgrown, try using an orange stick to push them back. Keep some cuticle oil handy as well.

5. Moisturize it 

Hydration is key right now, as dry nails and cuticles aren’t going to assist in the healing process. Try to keep some lotion handy. After you wash your hands don’t forget to lay on the  moisture. Your skin will thank you.

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6. Soaks

A weekly soak in vitamin E or olive oil will not only work magic on your gel-addicted nails, but also make your skin silky smooth and soft.

7. Vitamins 

Take some biotin. This will keep your nails healthy from the inside out. Don’t forget, it’s also good for your skin and hair as well.


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