Georgia Teen’s Suicide Attempt On Facebook Live Stopped Just In Time

(photo credit: screenshot)

An alarming video on Facebook Live of a Georgia 15-year-old “TJ” Wimberly livestreaming her own suicide attempt stayed up long enough to help sheriff’s deputies save her.

The teenager took pills and put a plastic bag over her head during her suicide attempt on May 2, officials from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office said. A sheriff’s sergeant found the girl unresponsive — but with a pulse — and she’s expected to recover.

Sgt. Linda Howard told CBS affiliate WMAZ-TV that deputies received multiple calls reporting the broadcast, and that Facebook also reached out to the sheriff’s office to get help for her.

In Georgia, a viewer watching the teen’s livestream called 911. Only the teen’s friends could view the video because of the girl’s privacy settings, but Sgt. Howard had a nephew who was friends with her on Facebook. She immediately called her nephew, who viewed the video and let his aunt know it wasn’t a prank.

“It was very serious and we needed to get to it right away,” she said.

Deputies got three possible addresses for the girl from her high school and sent officers speeding to all three homes. She was found in a bathtub at one of them.

“She was unresponsive, but one of our sergeants was able to find a pulse,” Howard said, adding that the girl is recovering.

“I’m just happy that we can give her back to her family,” Howard said.

Mother Jaquay Wimberly said that she doesn’t know the specific reason why her daughter tried to take her own life, but she thinks her daughter was being bullied.

“That was her way of getting her feelings out,” said TJ’s mom. “That’s the way I look at it. She was trying say ‘Hey, this is happening to me behind closed doors. Don’t nobody care, so this is my way of seeing if people really care.'”

“We don’t want it to get to a point where young people feel that they want to do. You have so much to live for. You have your whole life ahead of you,” said Wimberly in a statement to any other teen who may be contemplating suicide.

“This is bad, but it could’ve been worse,” she said thanking those who called 9-1-1. TJ is now getting help and is expected to be back home soon.