12 Places Where You And Germs Meet

shopping cart african americanI mean, it is no secret that there are plenty of disgusting places that you want to steer clear of, but what if I told you that some of these are right in your own home, or that you use them everyday?  You may be surprised how many germs your hands come in contact with on the daily. According to the Center for Disease Control, 80% of diseases and infections are spread by touching.  So listen up and wash up, people, and get ready to put bleach to use!

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Kitchen Sink 

The sink in your kitchen is probably dirtier than your bathroom. Research says that there are usually more than 500k bacterial spores per square inch just in the drain alone! And please don’t forget about that gross sponge you’ve been meaning to replace, but continue to use, or that basin you’ve had since you moved in! Let’s not forget the counter tops and faucet handles that are a germaphobes nightmare!