Get Fittory: How I Lost 105 Pounds!

years and that was to become a Certified Spinning instructor in July 2017! Now, every weekend, I get to inspire others on their journey and it has been so rewarding!

I would have to say that learning how to be consistent and not going to food when I feel stressed was something that was a struggle for me it was hard during my transformation BUT I know how to manage my emotions and not turn to food. My love for health and fitness has changed drastically. Becoming a Certified Spinning Instructor has been so exciting!

I am currently in the process of certifying as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. The main advice that I would give to others is that you need to learn about Nutrition and the role it plays on this journey, find workouts that you will enjoy, so when you do the workouts it does not feel like a punishment…LOL. Keep going and NEVER GIVE UP!

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