5 Habits To Build Stronger Bones

There is a misconception that osteoporosis only affects white women. Although African American women tend to have higher bone mineral density (BMD) than white women throughout life, they are still at a significant risk of developing osteoporosis. This misconception leads to a delay in care for African American women. It is stated that five percent of African American women older than 50 have osteoporosis. Recent research shows that even among women who are known to have risk factors for osteoporosis, few are screened for the disease.

Speaking from my clinical experience, It is important for everyone, especially African American women, to get screened for osteoporosis. African American women are at higher risk due to the fact that they are more likely than white women to die and have complications following an osteoporosis-related hip fracture.

With this in mind, here are five simple lifestyle changes to help build stronger bones: