Get Your Glitter On!

set of glitter in plastic containers( — From Halloween to New Year’s Eve, the holiday season means glittering lights – in your home, on the street, and on you, too! Sparkle through the holidays with some well-chosen glitter, gloss, and shimmer makeup.

Glitter Makeup

Eyes: Look Modern

Sprinkled all over lids, glitter can look garish. But makeup artists agree that a small amount applied close to the base of the upper lashes is unexpected and modern. For this look, draw on a glittery liquid eyeliner from the inner- to the outermost corners of your lids. Then, using a finger or a cotton swab, dab a bit of matching powder eye shadow over the line. Layering powder on liquid not only produces a soft finish but also helps color last.

On Nails: Look Classy

Unlike specks of glitter suspended in clear polish, which can appear sophomoric—or, worse, like dirt—tone-on-tone glitter (think gold glitter in gold polish) looks sophisticated, says Joanna Schlip, a celebrity makeup artist for Physicians Formula, in Los Angeles.

On the Collarbone: Look Shimmery

If you plan to wear an outfit with a revealing neckline, “dust your neck and shoulders with a glitter-infused powder puff,” says Tina Turnbow, a New York City makeup artist. Remove any rogue glitter from your clothing with a piece of rolled-up tape.

Gloss Makeup

On Lips: Look Dressy

If you’re a minimalist at heart, kick up your look a notch with a gloss that’s opaque rather than sheer. For this effect, after prepping your face with tinted moisturizer or foundation and blush (you don’t want blemishes to detract from your lips), dab on several coats of a coral-tone gloss. Press a tissue against your lips so the pigment sinks into the skin (only the shine will be lifted), then regloss for added sheen.

If the thought of sheer gloss alone doesn’t say “dressy” to you, add drama by wearing it over a similarly toned but more opaque shade, suggests Robin Schoen, a New York City makeup artist. Basically, you’re creating an optical illusion (a 3-D–style contrast) that makes your lips look fuller. (A little glitter in that top gloss only enhances the effect).

On Lashes: Look Glossy

Consider smoothing a half-a-baby-pea-size drop of petroleum jelly just above your creases (on top of shadow) for a glossy, not gooey, finish.

On Cheeks: Look Balmy

Blending a little Aquaphor ($6 at drugstores), that classic thick, shiny balm, onto the tops of your cheekbones (over blush) will give you a natural glow, notes Turnbow.

The key to age-appropriate shimmer is using it to call attention to only those areas you would truly like highlighted (in general, the most defined areas of your face, like the brow and cheekbones). To get this look, sweep a shimmery powder in a C-shape around the outer corners of your eyes.

Shimmer Makeup

On Eyelids: Look Complementary

For goofproof glam, choose two complementary shimmer shadow shades. Use the lighter tone all over and the darker one in the creases, then add lots of mascara for contrast, says Schlip.

On Lips: Look Cutesy

A little loose pink shimmer dabbed on with a liner brush ever so slightly above your Cupid’s bow (no matter your skin tone) can give lips a curvier, cuter shape.

On Cheeks: Look Pretty

Uncomfortable with noticeable shimmer on your face? Prep your skin with a shimmer-infused primer or foundation, then spread regular cream or powder blush on top for a hint of iridescence.