Woman Goes To Gym For 100 Days Straight: Motivates The World

“This is MY year!” is a statement that can be heard at the beginning of each new year by those who want to make a change in their lives with New Year’s resolutions, goals and challenges.

But as one woman has proven, you can change your life from the inside and outside by being consistent.

In 2013, LaKeisha spent 100 days going to the gym and documenting her weight loss journey. Her results show not just a healthier person, but a happier one.

In her first video, LaKeisha reveals that she’s 348 pounds and suffers from low self-esteem and depression.
“I always just thought of myself as someone who was unattractive and was not fit to be married or have kids,” she says in her video diary.

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LaKeisha vowed to go to the gym for 100 days, and did just that. Many think that LaKeisha’s transformation was just about weight loss, but it was much more than that. LaKeisha actually learned to love herself more.

Now, in 2017, she echoes what she learned in an Instagram post, “In 2016, I did what I wanted, without compromising. And I was happy.”

She goes on to post, “2017 Goals: ???? Live life. Have fun. Kick ass. Cash checks. The only opinion that matters is the one I asked for. But, you guys are cool. Thank you for all the emails, DMS and messages. I appreciate all the positive light.”

Talking publicly about the difficult moments during her 100 day journey (depression, low self-esteem, trust issues, etc) helped her get past them and truly find love for herself, her body, and the experiences she’s had. “You really have to become aware that there’s nothing wrong with you,” she says. “There’s nothing wrong with your body, your mind, your hair.”

With each video, you start to see a change. Even by Day 52, she looks noticeably happier. By Day 70, she reaches one of her first goals – dropping out of the “300 Club” and hitting 299 pounds! By Day 90, her body has become much more flexible, and she could pull her leg up straight.

By the end of LaKeisha’s 100 days, she dropped from a size 26 to a size 22 and found the self-esteem that had…