Goal Setting: 6 Realistic Tips To Achieving All Your Goals

Body goals or business goals, it all needs a plan. Check out this 6 tips to knock each one out, one by one:

1. Find A Motivation
Once you find that one idea that consumes you and you just can’t seem to forget about it, then you’ve found your purpose. Purpose often gets mistaken for motivation but it does go hand and in hand. Motivation is something that you are facilitating your purpose for.

If you have a dream of opening a school one day, your purpose might be to help children get a better education but your motivation would possibly to give back to the community that once educated you and had a hand in making you the person you are today. Motivation can come in all forms, from creating a better life for your children, gaining financial independence, to continuing a legacy within your own family.

Motivation is what is going to keep you going when forces try to detour you and entice you to give up on your goals.

2. Write It Down
Penning something down does not mean that it is set in stone, however, it does let you reflect upon your inner thoughts and ideas. Seeing something written down opens the door for you to further expound upon it. If you write down “open hair salon”, an innate next thought is most likely: Where? When? How?

It’s important for you to write down your goals as it gets your ideas out of your head and allows you room for new ideas to spark.

3. Break It Down
Once you have a set goal, dismantle it down to the last thread. For example, you want to start an online boutique. Some things that you would write down and consider are:

  • Business Name:
  • Domain Name:
  • Logo:
  • Website:
  • Wholesaler:
  • Target Market:
    • Who’s Going to Buy:
  • Branding:
    • Theme:
    • Aesthetic:
    • Mission Statement:
  • Projected Line Items:
  • Budget:
    • Business Plan:
    • Business Loan:
    • Investor:
  • Marketing/PR:
  • Drop-Ship or Storage:
  • Shipping/Returns:

4. Set a Timeline
Breaking it down will give you a clear view of your short-term and long-term goals. This will allow you to set a realistic timeline for goals to be accomplished. If you want to make it seamless, set your break down ofgoals to dates and times on your calendar. This will allow you to think 10 steps ahead while knocking each one out, one by one.

5. Celebrate Your Benchmarks
Once you’ve gotten your short-terms set in place on a