Going Green Should Be A Black Thing Too!

Like many others, when you hear the call to ‘go green’ you probably agree that it’s important, but that may be about as far as it goes. Concern about depleting the earth’s resources isn’t a Black or a White thing, it’s a human thing, but sadly, Black communities are often left out of the conversation.

Historically, urban Black communities have long been victims of environmental injustice. Recent data from the University of Minnesota shows that, although people of color contribute the least to smog and air pollution, we breathe the most of it, putting our health dangerously at risk.

Today, there are few things more important to the well-being and longevity of Black communities than protecting the earth. Black participation in going green could also get more people involved with the social justice movement and perhaps help stop future violations.

What Is Going Green All About Anyway?

The topic of going green instantly conjures the tragic images we’ve seen on TV of