Goldenfitnic: The Amazon Body Builder

(Photo credit: @goldenfitnic instagram)

Nicci or @GoldenFitNic on social media is beast. That’s as simple as I can explain it. The woman seems to do it all, from deadlifting over 200 pounds to switching up and looking incredibly beautiful and feminine like going out with her girls. Her body is amazing, like for real–have you seen her legs?! #Bodygoals for real!

But what’s even more amazing is her willingness to share her workouts, her nutrition tips and her testimony to the world of her fans.

(Photo credit: @goldenfitnic Instagram)

She has amassed over 230,000 Instagram followers, all of who can be on the same regime as Nicci with the help of the same products she uses, available here.

Nicci stands at a height of 5’8 and weighs 165lbs. She has a body fat percentage of only 12% and her visceral fat level is 3 (yes, only 3)!

(Photo credit: @goldenfitnic Instagram)

“For those who don’t know, weight lifting is what gave me overall definition,” Nicci posts on Instagram. “I later on started incorporating CF type workouts to switch up my routine but I am looking to get a leaner and more defined physique. My coach @jeromesgym88 will help me reach those milestones.”

Her workout includes:

4 rounds


12 Lateral Pull @ 105lbs

15 Lateral pull @ 90lbs

20 Lateral pull @ 75lbs

20 push ups w/ Hammerhead Fit press

30 Lateral raises w/ 5lb dumbbells 🔸️

I did one more upper body circuit after this followed by a 1 mile run.

(Photo credit: @goldenfitnic Instagram)

So what’s next for Nicci? Probably taking over the world, but she says it best on this post:

“This year, lift heavier, don’t stop just because you’re sore, find motivation within…