Happy Healing: Five Things You’ll Need Postpartum

In early September, I gave birth to my first child. I had a vaginal delivery and I did not take an epidural. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and since then, I’ve been focused on learning how to care for my daughter and also healing. I was speaking with a fellow mom and we discussed how people are obsessed with knowing the baby’s every move but don’t always keep that same energy when it comes to checking in with mama.

I began experiencing vaginal pains last week. As I said, I gave birth vaginally, so I thought it was normal. I consulted with other moms, and a doula and not many people remembered feeling what I described. The pain persisted and it got to the point to where I was walking slowly and sitz baths weren’t helping.

I decided to go to the hospital. A doctor told me that I had a vaginocele, which is a type of hernia brought on by straining, as well as a UTI. I thought that I was dedicated to taking care of my body, but I realized that I wasn’t doing my absolute best. I came up with a short list of ways to better care for myself and I can say that things are getting better.


H2O is especially helpful since I had a urinary tract infection and needed to flush my body. I add a little apple cider vinegar, too, sometimes for an energy boost. People underestimate just how refreshing a glass of