Happy Healing: Five Things You’ll Need Postpartum

water can be and the ways that it positively affects your skin and internal organs. Make sure you don’t get so caught up in taking care of your new little one that you forget to replenish yourself.

Nursing Pads (optional: with aloe vera)

When I went to the hospital, I totally forgot to throw on a bra. I wasn’t big on wearing them before giving birth, and I was rushing while getting dressed. Within an hour, I had a giant wet spot on my dress from breast milk! Nursing pads are vital because they not only keep you dry, but you can also add a little aloe vera to the pad itself (or your skin) for healing cracked nipples.

Clean Hands

I was big on washing my hands pre-baby, so this hasn’t been a big transition. But still, it’s super important. You don’t realize how many things you touch in any given 5-minute increment. Your baby’s skin may be sensitive or you might have to hop up and change a diaper. Hand sanitizer is handy for a quick fix, but I prefer soap and water.

Healthy food

I’ll be honest, eating 100% healthy postpartum can be a bit difficult. Your schedule is now