Hate Mondays? Here’s How To Make Them Better

When you wake up on Monday mornings, are you excited and ready to take on the new day or are you sluggishly getting out of your bed dreading another unfulfilled work week? If you’re in the latter group, you’re not alone. I think most can agree that the weekends never seem to last long before Monday has already made its unwanted return and you’re anxiously awaiting Friday to make its comeback. It’s understandable if you do feel this way, especially if you feel stuck working at a job you don’t enjoy for the majority of your week.

Having experience with working at jobs I didn’t like, I would loathe my Monday morning alarm clock reminding me to get up to go to my job where I felt unfulfilled. Mondays were simply a jumpstart to another stressful work week. If you find yourself having similar feelings towards Mondays, remember you can make it just as amazing as you want it to be. With implementing a few lifestyle changes, you can be on your way to giving Monday a new meaning. Here’s how to start loving your Mondays.

Plan ahead
Try to plan for Monday morning on Sunday night so when you wake up, you’re allowing yourself time to prepare a delicious breakfast, take the scenic route to work or simply enjoy some much deserving “me time.” Your work week consists of you constantly showing up for others in some form, so it’s necessary to take some time for just yourself.

Set an intention for the week
Instead of going into the work week with the “same thing, different day” mindset, choose to have something to work on for the week. If you want to