Healing the Healer: Getting Back To Self

“Physician Heal Thyself” Luke 4:23. As doctors, providers and healthcare advocates we spend the majority of our days caring for and improving the quality of life of everyone around us, but seldom give that same level of care for ourselves.

From long hours working, high stress personal and professional relationships to poor diet and lack of exercise, healthcare providers rarely practice the lifestyle modifications they make to their patients.

At the 46th annual Sickle Cell Disease Association of America Convention healthcare providers and advocates alike had the opportunity to take a step back from their everyday roles, even if only for a 90-minute breakout session, and take some time for themselves.

Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shumey guided a cohort of providers through a session focused on self-preservation and self-care. Providers were armed with useful tools for dealing with everyday stressors both