The 7 Best Benefits Of Beets

Three whole raw beets and sliced beets

What are the health benefits of beets?

Most people fall into three categories: people who love beets, people who’ve never tried beets because they look funny, and people who just can’t stand beets.

What’s so great about beets? Beets are a very good source of commonly known antioxidants like vitamin C and manganese. In addition, the blood-red color of beets comes from a powerful group of antioxidants called betalains. There are hundreds of studies on the positive health benefits of betalains.

For those of you that fall into the first two categories, did you know that a single serving of beets can boost your energy, fight cancer, improve your sex life, and lower your blood pressure?

And that’s not even all of what beets can do for you. They may also…

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Benefit #1: Reduce Inflammation
The inflammatory response is a natural function of the body which saves our lives when it responds to the acute stresses in our lives, like bacterial infection and injury. Due to the constant stress in our modern lives, however, this inflammation becomes chronic. It is as though our body is constantly in a battle. Inflammation has been linked to a number of symptoms and diseases including:

• Wrinkles
• Susceptibility to infections
• Cancer
• Arthritis
• Bronchitis
• Chronic pain
• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Osteoporosis
• Heart disease
• Candidiasis

An x-ray of a chest with a orange tumor

Benefit #2: Cancer Prevention
Many preliminary studies have suggested that beetroot juice can prevent lung and skin cancer. Other studies have shown that beet juice inhibits the formation of cancer-causing compounds called nitrosamines.

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