Health Tip: Playing Golf with Arthritis

A smiling man wearing a golf hat and holding a golf clubNow that it’s spring, it’s time for golf enthusiasts to hit the links. If you
have arthritis, your condition doesn’t have to slow you down, experts say.

The Arthritis Foundation says grips, shoes, balls and clubs can all be
tailored to ?t your needs and abilities. Here are some of the foundation’s

  • Use a lower compression ball (for example, a 90 instead of a 100) so there
    is more give to the ball when you hit it.
  • Use clubs with lightweight graphite shafts to help absorb shock better.
  • Use a perimeter-weighted head on the club, also for better shock absorption.
  • Build up the grip size on your clubs with athletic tape or a custom grip to
    help you hold them easier and to reduce stress and pain on your finger joints.
  • If you have arthritis in your hands, try wearing wrist braces and gloves on
    both hands to stabilize your joints.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes or spikeless golf shoes.