Do You Have Hands In Hair Syndrome?

If you aren’t familiar with this terminology, it was created by the natural hair world. It means that your hands are constantly touching your hair. No, this isn’t a scientifically researched disorder, but it does have negative repercussions. Constant manipulation of the hair can be very damaging. There are a number of issues that can arise from it, such as hair loss, frizz, loss of moisture, knots, tangles and breakage.

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There are two different types of the “disorder:

1. Playing in your hair (conscious and unconscious)

If you like to twist, pull , rub, and/or do unnecessary amounts of touching of your hair between styling/washing sessions

2. Mechanical damage

This is when you constantly comb, brush, tease or handle your hair.

3 Solutions To This Disorder

1.Wrap it up.

When you are in the house and done with your day, wrap your hair up. Wearing a head wrap or scarf keeps your hair covered and prevents you from manipulating it.

2. Wear a protective style.

Try giving your hair a break by putting in extensions, wearing an up-do, braids, twists, etc. This not only protects the ends of your hair, but it keeps you from being able to run your fingers through your strands.

3. Preoccupy your hands.
Keep your hands busy doing other things. If you are one to play in your hair while talking on the phone or doing other hands-free things, try doodling. You can also make use of your hands for your hair in a positive way. If you just absolutely have to have your hands in your hair, you could always try giving yourself a scalp massage. Dip your fingertips in some peppermint oil and get to rubbing. At least this way you will be stimulating your scalp.

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