“Help! My Husband Says I’m Boring In Bed”

couple bed man upset

Each week I am approached with letters from dozens of people from across the globe seeking my advice on how to improve their sex lives.  Two weeks ago, I was approached by a young lady who desperately needed my advice on becoming more exciting between the sheets.

“My husband says I’m boring in bed,” she typed.  “What can you do to help me?” This is a comment I’ve heard often from women who have a desire to please their partners but have run out of options for what to do to improve the situation.

In realizing that her issue wouldn’t be resolved by writing out a few paragraphs via email, we scheduled a session to speak about the areas that were troubling her in the bedroom. In coaching sessions, the client is always in control of where the session goes and how the session is ran.

In opening her up to speak about her issues, several questions were raised that are also great questions for any woman (and men, too) to ask herself in order to initiate improvement.