How AirestDion Skin Therapy is Here to Help You Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Self-care. A simple word that represents something we all need, but for some reason, it’s quite difficult to indulge in treating ourselves often. While I still don’t understand why we have a hard time showing ourselves the same love in which we would show our loved ones, I do know the care of oneself is extremely important. When it comes to self-care, there are many ways to care for yourself; but for my self-care routine, I love practicing yoga, meditating and I thoroughly enjoy my skincare routine. Taking a few extra minutes to massage natural oils into my face while saying positive affirmations as I look in the mirror, has not only helped with giving me glowing skin but, it’s helped change how I feel about myself mentally.

After experiencing the positive impact of having a thorough skincare routine, I’m definitely an advocate for everyone creating one; and even better if you can find a professional who encourages the practice of self-care that includes a thorough skincare routine and will even explain how to achieve great results at home.

Insert AirestDion Skin Therapy here…

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, AirestDion Skin Therapy was created by holistic skincare therapist, AirestDion, who aims to help heal skin from the inside, out for each of her clients. AirestDion Skin Therapy provides services including signature facial treatments using only natural ingredients to assist in one’s skincare journey and offers naturally derived skincare products to purchase such as oils, serums, and clays to help continue the spa-like treatment at home (winning!). had the opportunity to talk with AirestDion and discuss all things skincare and the importance of having a skincare routine.