Got ‘Dairy Face’?

Dairy products on white backgroundDark circles, under-eye bags, white spots and acne. These are all your skin’s worst nightmares. If you suffer from any of these things you may be surprised to know the saying ‘you are what you eat’ may be playing out in full effect here. The new term, coined “dairy face”, refers to your skin’s reaction to eating any dairy products.

Apparently, our Western diets are often the culprit behind struggles with our skin. According to practitioners of naturopathic medicine, who perform “face readings,” like Dr. Nigma Talib, she see a lot of  “dairy face, wine face and gluten face.” The effects of these things in our system show up in ways we most often don’t find attractive.  Simply put, your body is sometimes more sensitive to some foods we ingest than others.

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Dairy, specifically, creates more sebum in the skin and the hormones in the milk can cause inflammation and premature breakdown of your skin cells.